About Me. (a/k/a Informed Consent)

I’m going to turn 40 years old on Monday.  It seems fitting that my 40th birthday falls on a Monday — the bittersweet coincidence that Monday is the worst day of the week but that it’s the start of a whole new period of time.

On the list of things I promised myself I would do before I turned 40 was to write more.  On reflection, that seems odd given I spend more than half my days doing just that.  But, my promise was meant to fulfill a desire to write more about things on which I want to spend time writing.  That, and launching this blog was only marginally less difficult than losing weight, running a marathon, saving money, becoming fluent in Spanish or earning a doctoral degree. I suppose that’s what happens when you draft a to-do-before-40 list when you’re 39.

So, what is it that I want to spend time writing about?  In a word:  Me.  Not in the I’m-so-wonderful-how-could-you-look-away-Kim-Karsdashian way.  I mean this in the I-have-so-much-going-on-there-must-be-something-you-can-relate-to way.  If you’re out there and can relate, welcome to the audience.  Participation is encouraged.

I am married to a great husband and mother to two wonderful kids, ages 4 and 14.  (No, that’s not a typo.)  That comes with all the usual stuff being a wife and mother entails, wrapped up in the semi-weirdness that will be simultaneously having a child in kindergarten and a child in high school.  Add to the mix that our 4-year-old was diagnosed last year with Autism, and you get anything but “usual.”  Truly — if I thought my life was full of acronyms after I became a lawyer, I had no idea:  ADA, IEP, SELPA, ASD, PDD-NOS, OT, PT, ST, MFT, LCSW … I could keep going, but you get the idea.

I’m a working-mom-type.  I’m a full-time lawyer, and I work at a law firm, which means I spend a good deal of my life locked in a battle between personal and professional commitments. I don’t know who is winning, but I’m guessing most days it isn’t me.  My husband is also a lawyer, so at least we have the assurance of knowing our children have no hope of winning an argument with us.  Ever.

I also teach legal research and writing classes to paralegal students.  I used to teach law students, but I found I like undergraduates more.  A lot more.  Teaching both reminds me why I wanted to become a lawyer and makes me question the entire human race.  If nothing else, students are a good source of material.

When I have a spare moment, I like to spend it in the kitchen or watching other people in the kitchen.  I love to read (which may explain how I ended up in law school), and I have no particular preference for fiction or non-fiction — just for well-written and meaningful stories.

So, there it is.  If you can find something to relate to in family, parenting, Autism, teenagers, teaching, learning, lawyering, balancing career and family, preparing a good meal or reading a good book, come on along for the ride.  Otherwise — no worries — as a mother and a lawyer, I’ve grown entirely accustomed to talking to myself.  It’s an occupational hazard.


3 comments on “About Me. (a/k/a Informed Consent)

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  2. you sound like one heck of an interesting and funny and intelligent person – maybe I should go away now while I am still just on the verge of jealousy – lol – look forward to being a “follower” and seeing how you deal with it all

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      Who told you that I’m interesting, funny and intelligent?!? Oh, wait.

      Thanks for the read and the follow. I hope I live up to my reputation. I sound fabulous! 😉

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