Funny Stuff Our Kids Say, #2

Here’s the second installment of Funny Stuff Our Kids Say.  These mostly are “borrowed” from other folks’ kids and identities have been changed to spare the involved children the future embarrassment a Google ego search may bring. 


My friend L’s parents are school teachers.  L is in eighth grade.  L, L’s parents and L’s parents’ best friends are having dinner when L asks her mother, “Mom, what’s a ’69’?”

L’s mother proceeds, at the dinner table, in front of guests, to explain – in detail – what a ’69’ is when referring to the kind of stuff you never, ever, ever want to imagine your parents doing.  Ever.

L gasps and says, “Wow.  [My friend at school] told me it was a C minus!”


L now has a son of her own, C.  When C was about 4, he decided to leave the house wearing sandals and socks.  L tried gently to explain why that might be a fashion mistake of epic proportions.  C, undaunted, insisted on the combination. 

L:  “C, you can’t wear sandals and socks together.  It looks ridiculous.”

C:  “Well, Mom, I don’t really like what you’re wearing, either.”


One night, J comes into his parents’ bedroom after having a nightmare.  J’s dad asks, “What was the dream about?”  J responds, “You should know, Dad, you were there!”


My goddaughter, M, spent the night at my house one weekend.  She and my son, N, were playing.  They were about 3 and 5 at the time.  They got into an argument, so I put them both on time out.  A few minutes later, I asked N if he could behave himself and play nicely with M.  “Yes,” he said.  So I let him off the couch.  Then I asked M if she would behave and play nicely with N.  Silence.  So, I asked her again.  Nothing.  When I asked her the third time, N impatiently shouted at her, “M!  Just say YES!”


My FB friends saw this one yesterday, but I’ll post it here again:

 Yesterday at ‎9:30 a.m., my daughter (who is 4 but whose speech is delayed because of autism) and I had the following exchange …

Daughter: Do you want chippies? (This means she wants chips.)
Me: You are not having chips at 9:30 in the morning. Pick something else.
Daughter: Chippies.
Me: Applesauce?
Daughter: Chippies.
Me: Banana?
Daughter: Chippies!
Me: Goldfish?
Daughter: Chippies!
Me: Strawberries?
Daughter: Chippies!
Me: (Holding up 4 fingers and pointing to each finger as I go) Applesauce, Banana, Goldfish or Strawberries. Which one?
Daughter: (Holding up 4 fingers, pointing to each one as she repeats her choices, pausing, then sticking out her thumb): Chippies!!!!!


6 comments on “Funny Stuff Our Kids Say, #2

  1. Off Duty Mom says:

    Great stuff. I have started a book with all of the funny stuff my older son says and the age he is when he says it. I plan to give it to him for some event like a graduation, wedding, birth of first child… I don’t quite know yet. But, I am gathering some terrific memories, I am sure. Kids do say the darndest things!!!

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      When my husband and I married, my mother-in-law made me a photo album of fantastic pictures (some funny, some serious) of my husband from birth to adulthood. She captioned the pictures, too. This was truly the best wedding gift I got. I have to imagine your son and future-daughter-in-law would think the same about your compilation! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. kcerise says:

    Gread post! I had a good laugh at a conversation I overheard at Son’s preschool yesterday:

  3. WE ARE SOUL MATES! Lets run away together! PLEASE?!

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