2013: Resolve to be Successful


2012 was a rough year – a bitter presidential election that divided the nation; financial calamities as the housing and job markets continued their rollercoaster rides; continued war and unrest abroad, especially in the Middle East, Africa and China; senseless losses of beautiful lives to the twin tragedies of gun violence and mental illness; an angry and petulant Mother Nature, unleashing Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha; the Costa Concordia accident. There was so much negativity. We hope to leave negativity behind as we look to 2013 for a fresh start.

Normally, I am not one for New Year resolutions. I think that’s mostly because I never seem to keep them. But, this year, I ran across an idea on Facebook that was just too good. I shared it, and my fellow blogger and friend Elizabeth (Muse~ings) said she’d join me. Then we thought, what if everybody joined us? The thought was so tickling that it brought us to the idea to not only do the project, but to blog the results.

The concept is simple. Keep a jar some place handy. When a good thing happens in your life, write it down on a strip of paper, and put the paper in the jar. At the end of the year, take out all the papers and read them to remind yourself of the wonderful year you had.

Elizabeth and I have our jars ready. Here’s my jar:

ProfMomEsq's Jar of Success

Here’s Elizabeth’s:

Elizabeth's Awesome Jar of Success

By year’s end, our jars will be filled with scraps of paper describing moments from 2013 truly worth remembering. On December 31, 2013, we will open our jars, read the scraps of paper and post the contents on our respective blogs. Then, we’ll get to spend the rest of our day reading through all the blogs of those who join us.

Yes, that’s right! We want you to post, too! Resolve To Be Successful by clicking the button below. (Thanks for the beautiful button, Elizabeth!!) Follow the directions to join the blog hop, then get yourself a “Jar of Success.” Any old jar will do; you can decorate it or not, make it big or keep it small, fill it yourself or have family and friends join you; you can even go high-tech and keep your “jar” in your iThingy. Just make sure your “jar” is always handy so you don’t forget any of your moments of joy, love, happiness and – above all – success.


If you link up with us, post your jar’s contents before midnight on December 31, 2013 and spend a blissful day celebrating all the wonderful milestones that paved our way to 2014. And – HEY! – if you link up, you already have something to put in your jar: you wrote your last blog post for 2013 way ahead of schedule. 😉

We look forward to seeing you and sharing in your success! Happy New Year!

13 comments on “2013: Resolve to be Successful

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  2. Heather says:

    This is a fantastic idea! I might just join you for this. Happy New Year! ❤

  3. looseleafbri says:

    I have heard this idea but in regards to Thanksgiving. That would be another good time to open the jar and read.

  4. I’m using a journal, because I’m a rebel 😉

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  6. […] I started 2013 by resolving to remember why it was a great year.  You might recall the “Resolve to be Successful” jar?  No?  Well, lucky for you, I remember it.  Throughout the year, I wrote down on […]

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