Weigh In Wednesday #5

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now. ~ Chinese Proverb

Weigh In Wednesday #5 – Woot woot!

you are hereWeigh In Wednesday 5

What went well this week?

Another good exercise week, including a fantastic discovery:  I love hiking!  I have always been pretty sure that I would never find exercise I enjoyed as much as running.  Running always makes me feel like I’ve really worked.  It also allows me to retreat into myself – I put my headphones on and I concentrate on my rhythm and pace.  When I’m having a good-run day, it’s almost like lucid dreaming.  I can get so lost in my thoughts, I’ve run 2 miles before I even realize it.  I’ve never really gotten to that state with any other kind of exercise.  Hiking, though, has been an awesome discovery.  First, it is super challenging, but not in an oh-my-god-I’d-rather-fart-in-public-every-time-I-go-out kind of way. Second, it made me realize that I live in a place that people actually pay good money to visit because it’s FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS.  Beach, mountains, trees … yep.  Got all that.  Third, I can really share it.  I’ve tried running with folks, but it is really hard to carry on a conversation when you’re gasping for air, clutching your chest and praying your running partner’s CPR training is current.  There’s a lot less oxygen deprivation and chest clutching in hiking, which improves conversation.  At least for now.

What did not go well this week?

I got a little loosey-goosey in the calorie department.  I didn’t completely blow my calorie intake on any given day, but I definitely made some less-than-good food choices this week.  There may or may not have been a medium McDonald’s french fry on the menu when I found myself uncontrollably desiring salty, potato-y, starchy, carbo-y goodness.

Whaddya got to eat around here?

tortellini cream pancetta peas

Tortellini with Pancetta & Peas in Cream Sauce

This is one of my favorite dinners, and it’s pretty easy.  For the tortellini, I use Buitoni three-cheese tortellini.  One package contains about 2 servings of pasta – maybe a little more.  I make the sauce with lowfat milk, buttermilk, sour cream, flour and salt/pepper.  Add about one cup of peas and about 3-4 ounces of pancetta.  The result?  about 450 calories of magical deliciousness in about 1.5 cups of food.  Take THAT Olive Garden.

And how do you feel about that?

Something magical happened to me this week.  I started to feel the need to exercise.  When I get into the habit of exercising, I actually experience withdrawal if I skip a day.  That feeling made me get out and run on Monday even though it was hot, I was tired, my IT bands were sore and I hadn’t watched Homeland yet.  At the end of that run, I felt so good.  Not physically good, mind you.  Physically, I wanted to be rolled in morphine, dipped in Flexeril and whipped into a frothy cocktail of ibuprofen-acetomenaphine-percoset sauce.  But, mentally, I felt super-extra-marvelous.  I felt strong.  I felt fabulous.  It might have had something to do with the high school boys that passed me up on the running trail at mile one but who I passed up at mile four.  Maybe.  Just a little.

Tip of the Week

FAT.  Nonfat and low fat foods are not necessarily better.  First, there’s the taste factor.  One of my most favorite-ist people in the world and I almost ended up in a fist fight after she RUINED my after-workout baked potato by convincing me to put nonfat sour cream on it.  I’m pretty sure I would rather eat a potato that fell into a pile of sawdust and dog hair.  This happened like 17 years ago, too.  That’s how traumatizing it was.  More importantly, though, these things don’t necessarily equate with a healthier food choice.  Many nonfat and low fat foods are made palatable (or edible) by replacing the fat with salt or sugar.  So, you may be consuming fewer calories, but they aren’t necessarily “better” calories.  Read nutrition labels not just for calories and fat grams but also for sodium and sugar content.  Many times, you can meet caloric goals by using “regular” versions of foods but observing portion control (e.g., 2 tablespoons of sour cream on your baked potato, not 1/2 cup). 

How YOU doin’?

I pass the Celery Stalk of Talk to you.  How’s it going this week?

8 comments on “Weigh In Wednesday #5

  1. I’m eating peach rings with chex mix.

    so…there’s that.

  2. Heather says:

    Note: The sawdust-and-dog-hair potato made me gag. Hahaha!

  3. I replace sour cream with non-fat plain Greek Yogurt! Tastes amazing and is good for you :)

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      Yes! Good call. I use Greek yogurt as a replacement for mayonnaise in chicken salad. If you add just a little vinegar or mustard to it, you get almost the exact same tang. I don’t generally sub with yogurt when making something hot (unless baking) because I’m always worried it will taste weird. But, I will be brave and give it a try. :-)

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