Hey Girl, #SNRyanGosling Means Business This Week.

Yep, Friday. The day you get to peep on Ryan Gosling AND visit Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood to view all the other great posts:

SNRyanGosling had a long week:


It’s Friday, Friday, #SNRyanGosling Friday

I LOVE Friday.  Even Friday the 13th!   Date aside, it’s the end of the work week.  We generally do not have appointments, lessons or activities.  AND, it’s SNRyanGosling day on one of my favorite blogs:

So … drumroll please … here is my contribution to this week’s Friday fun:

#SNRyanGosling = A Very Good Friday

Here we go.  I kept it short and to the point this week:

Now, please go visit the kick-ass blog that is:


Friday = #SNRyanGosling

Okay, here’s my second installment.  Happy Friday everyone!


That’s Right. It’s Friday. That means: #SNRyanGosling

And there it is — my inaugural contribution to Sunday’s #SNRyanGosling meme.  If you aren’t reading Sunday’s blog, Adventures in Extreme Parenthood, then you are wasting the gifts of sight and typing fingers!  Why are you still here?  Go! Go now!