Legal Crap, Fair Warning about My Potty Mouth and Stuff about which I Am Fussy

The opinions expressed in this blog are only my own.  Although I am an inactive lawyer, and I may comment upon legal issues from time to time, none of the information conveyed in this blog or the response to any comment is intended as legal advice or to create any attorney-client relationship with any reader or commenter.

My opinions are not endorsed by any of my employers – past, present or future.  They probably aren’t endorsed by my family members either, although I’m pretty good at putting words in their mouths.  I got a cat, because at least he doesn’t argue with me.  Out loud anyway.

All the words, pictures and other stuff on this blog that I created are copyrighted. Because I said so.

I didn’t create the layout design — that was done by a marvelous person at WordPress who gets credit at the bottom of the blog.  Seriously.  Go look.  If you want to use the layout, talk to WordPress.  But, the background on this art was created by my awesome daughter.  If you steal it, I will fill her with espresso and drop her at your house at 5:00 a.m. on a Monday without her iPad charger and a battery below 20%.

Images used in blog posts belong to those who are credited with the images.  I try to source pictures that are fair use or licensed under a Creative Commons Use license and have linked the picture back to its owner or originator.  If you see work here that is not properly attributed or linked, please email me at profmomesq at hotmail dot com, and I will make an immediate correction.

I receive no compensation – cash or in kind – for writing this blog.  It’s basically one step above spending my free time playing Candy Crush.  So, mention of any product is not meant as an endorsement unless expressly stated.

Please feel free to share, reblog or repost my stuff.  We’re cool as long as you properly attribute this blog as the source of the material (that is, provide a link back to the material you’ve used and say how awesome I am.  Or, you know, just my name.)  Otherwise, I have to get my mean lawyer hat on (and I have to put on pantyhose and a suit, which really pisses me off), and no one wants that, okay?  I have to put my hair in a bun and find my glasses, and even though my husband calls it my sexy-librarian look, I get all grrrrrrr.  Like an angry honey badger.

I have a potty mouth.  I know how to use the word “fuck” as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb and a preposition.  You may not like that.  I try not to over-do it, but I don’t censor myself.  If a well-timed, emphatic expletive offends you, I promise my mother already lectured me.  I’m going to do it anyway.  And, yes, I do kiss her with this mouth.

I moderate blog comments, because spam and trolls.  I also don’t tolerate personal attacks against me or others.  I will post your comment even if (and maybe especially if) I don’t agree with your opinion/point of view/position unless you personally attack me or anyone else.  By all means, be sarcastic; just don’t be a douche. (It’s a fine line, I know.) But, you better spit some game if you’re gonna come with the snark, because I am most fluent in sarcasm.

I have very strong feelings about a few things that come up when discussing autism spectrum disorders:

1.  I refer to my daughter as autistic.  I don’t use the phrase “my daughter with autism.”  This decision is purely grammatical for me.  For others, it is deeply personal.  I respect that, and I will refer to you as you choose.  Please respect my choice.  The only person who can alter that is my daughter, whose own choice I will respect when she is ready to make it.

2.  I believe that multiple scientists have conclusively disproved a cause/effect link between vaccinations and autism.  I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to our children and to society to vaccinate and that there are not medically or scientifically sound reasons to believe that the risks of injury from vaccination outweigh the tremendous individual and collective benefits.

3.  I believe that it is absolutely possible to honor my daughter as a whole person while simultaneously acknowledging that autism causes her certain challenges in a predominantly neurotypical world.  I also believe that it does not dishonor her to acknowledge that I, as a parent, experience challenges helping her navigate a predominantly neurotypical world and that those challenges cause me to experience both positive and negative emotions.

If you have very strong feelings that conflict with what I’ve said above, we can discuss those thoughts in a respectful discourse.  If you can’t do that, please remember that ignoring me is a perfectly good option.  You can read stuff, and it can piss you off, and then … brace yourself, because this is super radical … YOU CAN MOVE ON.  I’m used being ignored, anyway.  I’m married, I have children, and I taught for 13 years.  I think I took a class once on being ignored, but they called it “Community Property.”  Also, see aforementioned cat.

That is all.

9 comments on “Legal Crap, Fair Warning about My Potty Mouth and Stuff about which I Am Fussy

  1. Best bio/blog rules ever! I’d steal it if you didn’t just scare the living daylights out of me. Can’t wait to read more!

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      No, no! “Steal” it. Just, you know, link back and tell people how wonderful I am. 🙂 Thanks for coming by. Happy reading! I will be returning the favor …

  2. Kelly Naylor says:

    I have a new mantra (“It’s Amy’s fault”), which explains why I’m here. But “there, they’re, their” is the biggest reason to stay. Well, that or your fluency in Sarcasm. Guess I’d better go thank Amy. Again. 🙂

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      A LOT of stuff I do is Amy’s fault. She’s a known bad influence, that one. But, I overlook it, because she brings the COOLEST people around here. Plus, I can’t help but like her. I have a weakness for funny, intelligent people who know how to write. My mom warned me about people like her, but I JUST. CAN’T. HELP. IT.

      So, welcome to my nutty little corner of the Internets. Be warned: it’s kind of like the Hotel California. You can check it out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Bwahahahahaha!

  3. Em says:

    I’m here because of Amy too. Well, actually because of you. But also Amy.

    Oh hell. You know what I mean.

    Also, I was always a stickler for things like there, they’re and their. I have bad news. Very bad news. News from the land of menopause. Sometimes i now use the wrong one. Then I notice it and say, “WTF?” But not the initials. The phrase. Then I fix it.

    Because apparently menopause cares not at all about homophone precision. (Also probably doesn’t care about homonyms and heteronyms, but that’s far less obvious in a blog-type setting.)

    • Em says:

      Also I apparently don’t always cap I.

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      Hi, Em! Welcome, welcome. Although now I owe Amy … again. (She made me cry today, too, damn her.)

      Menopause. All this time, there’s been talk of hot flashes and mood swings and sore boobies. There might have been mention of “bat shit crazy.” But, NO ONE told me menopause gives you BAD GRAMMAR. The horror. Also, unacceptable. I will be speaking with my OB-GYN about this immediately. Thanks for the warning. (Between you and me, though, I think I’m just going to go on blaming auto-correct.)

      Homonyms and heteronyms = I like you. Especially because you didn’t point out my alter/altar mistake in my comment on Amy’s post.

  4. Life with Big T says:

    I am relatively new to the blog scene and have been wondering about copyrights, etc. I see you are using Myfreecopyright. Is it easy to set-up and use and would you recommend it? Thank you!

    • ProfMomEsq says:

      Technically speaking (and this is not my area of expertise, nor am I giving you legal advice), I believe copyright attaches to your work the moment you publish it. But, I use the “MyFreeCopyright” service, because it sends me an email with a “stamp” that proves when I first published my work. This just makes it easier to prove I was first if I get into a fight with someone later about using my work without attribution. And, yes, it’s very easy to set up. It’s just a quick form. They provide the code for you to copy their logo onto your site if you want. Let me know if you need anything else! (And, sorry for the formal disclaimer at beginning … I can’t always turn the “lawyer” off. 😉 )

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